Middle School

Middle School

Middle School at Monteverde International School

Our Middle School at Monteverde International School stands out for offering a trilingual program centered on English, complemented by Spanish and French, preparing students to communicate effectively in a globalized world. Focused on innovation and technology, our makerspace and the teaching of digital skills promote creativity and problem-solving, supported by expert teachers.

Why Choose Middle School at Monteverde International School?

Our trilingual program emphasizes mastery of English as the primary language, complemented by robust Spanish courses and the option to learn French, providing students with key language skills for a globalized world. Through our strong integration of technology and a state-of-the-art makerspace, students not only acquire essential digital skills but also explore and create using innovative tools under the guidance of expert teachers.

Additionally, our focus on entrepreneurship from the beginning of middle school offers students the opportunity to develop practical business skills and an innovative mindset. Through collaborative projects, they learn to identify opportunities, develop innovative ideas, and create solid business plans, preparing them to tackle challenges and lead in the business arena of the future.

Leaders in a Globalized World

We offer a trilingual program centered around English as the primary language. This is complemented with Spanish courses to ensure complete mastery of the mother tongue, and we incorporate French as a third language, providing our students with the opportunity to acquire skills in a third language.

Innovation and Technology

At Monteverde Secondary School, technology and our makerspace are fundamental. We prepare students for the future by teaching digital skills, promoting creativity, and fostering problem-solving abilities. Students have access to a dedicated space for exploring and creating with advanced technology, guided by expert teachers who enhance their educational experience.

Preparing Future Entrepreneurs

We have an entrepreneurship program that prepares students from the start to develop business skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. Through practical and collaborative projects, they learn to identify opportunities, develop innovative ideas, and create solid business plans, preparing them to lead as successful entrepreneurs in the future.

Llinette Tielens

Middle School Principal

Llinette Tielens

Middle School Principal


We focus on the development of academic, social, and emotional skills to shape young leaders.


Our Academic Program

Our academic program in Middle School at Monteverde International School focuses on a comprehensive education that balances theoretical knowledge with practical skills. We are dedicated to fostering critical thinking and creativity, offering meaningful opportunities for research and experiential learning through various educational activities. This includes STEM projects, debates, laboratories, sports activities, and cultural trips both domestically and internationally. Additionally, our students actively participate in a variety of enriching activities such as chess, art, first aid, entrepreneurship, and technology, all designed to fully prepare them for the challenges of the future.

Extracurricular Activities

Middle School Services

Exclusive Cafeteria

Basketball and Volleyball Courts

Soccer and American Football Field

Playground Area

Classrooms equipped with WiFi, projector, Apple TV, and speakers

Semi-Olympic Swimming Pool with dressing rooms and bathrooms

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